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Uploaded images are the primary visual representation of the manufacturer's products. Manufacturers will often have multiple images of a particular product so it is important to choose the image the company most likely would want associated with the product and that best represents the product to the specifier.


The perfect image

Proper formatting allows for sufficient whitespace and cutoff where appropriate
The perfect image is one that clearly represents the particular product you are cataloging. It has the correct proportions and dimensions, number of heads, color and options. It is at least 300x300 pixels and 72 or 96 dpi. Images at a higher dpi should be resized accordingly to 72 or 96 dpi.

Once you have selected your source image(s), crop these images to a square proportion (height matches width). Ensure that the image is clearly visible, appropriately centered and has sufficient background space or whitespace around it. The fixture in the image should not touch or cut off unless it is unavoidable; the result should be aesthetically pleasing. Being careful not to sacrifice aesthetics, always try to use as much of the source image as possible to maximize the image quality. Aim for consistent cropping choices across the manufacturer's entire line.

Non-square Images

An example of a non square image
If you have a source image that is not square and the background is uniform, simply expand the canvas and fill the background with the original color. If the background is not uniform it is acceptable to leave it as white space.

More than one suitable image

Choose the image that will offer the most consistency across the entire manufacturer's product line. For example, a manufacturer has a single product with an excellent high resolution image and a white background. This same product, along with all other products in the series have images at a lower (but acceptable) resolution with a blue background. The blue background images would likely be a better choice for all the products.

Limited Images

If you find a product with several options (like different sizes) with several versions pictured, choose the best standard image.

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