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IES Files are provided for Premier Member Manufacturers and are not linked to for Basic manufacturers.

IES Files are Photometric files created to describe in detail the amount of light output from the lamp and fixture in a 360 degree field around the fixture. Manufacturers supply photometric information as standalone IES files (with the .ies extension) or embedded in pdfs or other documents. You can only parse the standalone IES files and link those to product records.


Downloading IES Files

While surveying any updates or new entries, make sure to note the availability of IES files. IES files are usually available on the manufacturer website right next to the product listing. Make sure to take advantage of manufacturers that compile one or several IES file packages for convenient downloading in order to save time.

Parsing IES Files

Collect IES files for a particular manufacturer and divide them based on the fixture type. Floodlights use the flood light parse. Flood lights have a specific floodlight distribution. All Area/Roadway fixtures (that are not floodlights) get the Area Roadway parser. All remaining fixtures must use the Indoor parser, even other outdoor fixtures.

To install the parsers, see Parser Setup.

If an ies file name contains more than one decimal point (.) appending that file will cause a debilitating system error. An example is the Presolite file 1016.50.ies. The file name can be manually changed to delete the first decimal point. It need not be replaced by another character. If dealing with a download of many ies files, some of which contain more than one decimal point, the offending files may be easily changed using the free utility "Renamer". Several sites are listed in return of the Google search "renamer download". The procedure that follows pertains to the version downloaded from this site: Install the application in a convenient location. Download the ies files from the manufactuer web site to a working folder. Copy the ies files from the working folder to the renamer using the file directory on the left of the renamer. At the bottom of the renamer click the Find/Replace tab. Below that enter . in the Find field. To the right of that click "Search filename without extension". In the middle of the row of icons above that column (titled "Options") click preview and review the "New File Name" column above. Assuming the preview is satisfactory, click "Apply" next to the Preview icon, and the file names will be changed in the working (source) folder. The ies files can then be parsed normally.

Linking to IES Files

Select the appropriate IES file an associate it with relevant records only. If a fixture has an IES file for a particular lamp and wattage (ie 70W ED17) and also has a version of the product with a lamp of the same envelope but different wattage (20W ED17), both products should have the ies file associated with it. Catalog numbers and lamp types and wattages should match the specific product records. Occasionally reflectors or other optical accessories/options affect the light distribution and will spawn different IES files and should be linked accordingly.

Adding Notes

Add in the eLumit photometry notes a brief description of the differences (20W flood, 20W flood with lens, etc) to help guide specifiers.

Uploading IES Files

Activate FieZilla. Click the arrow below Edit. Click webserver. In the window 2nd from top find the working file and double click. In the window to the right, next to "remote site:" enter /Inetpub/wwwroot/manufacturer/00/IES where 00 is the manufacturer number. Note that if the manufacturer number begins with 0, omit the 0. Click enter. Select the files located in the bottom left window and drag to the window on the right.

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