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Procedure for Featuring a product

Here are steps for entering featured products.

1. Have the product entered if it is not in the site already.

2. Go to admin.elumit.com and sign in.

3. "Under User Management", click "Modify" for "Manufacturer"

4. Search for the company that the product you want to feature is under.

5. User name and Log in info will be under "URL/User Information".

6. Go to mfr.elumit.com and log in using the manufacturer's Username and Password.

7. Once logged in, in the mfr.elumit.com site, go to "Add or Modify" under "Featured Products".

8. Click on "Add a Featured Product".

9. When uploading the picture, the top field is for a 120x120 px (small) picture and the lower one is for a 240x240 px (large). Note: When uploading a picture for a series with different pictures, just use one (1) picture that best represent the series.

10. When entering a description (first description field) you must first add a title. You will have to put the title in bold by putting "< b >" (no spaces) before the title and a "< / b >" (no spaces) after the title. After the title you can enter a small description solely meant for advertisement/marketing purposes. This information of the product will be visible on the public site when you click "featured product".

11. When entering the large description, enter all the information that you were unable to fit in the small description (keep in mind use only advertisement material notes in all descriptions). This information will show up when you click on "Get more information about this product" for the specific product you want information on.

     NOTE: Make sure all grammatical, punctual and any other error in your descriptions are fixed before releasing.

12. Click "submit" on the bottom after all the description has been entered and all pictures have been uploaded.

13. Once the process of submitting has been successful you should have been brought back to the eLumit Manufacturer Home page. Click on "add or modify" under "Featured Products" again. You will see the product you entered and submitted. There is a check box on the right, next to "modify" called "release". Once you check that box and click "submit", you are done with the eLumit Manufacturer Home page.

14. Go back to admin.elumit.com and sign in.

15. At the top of the page, under "Featured Products" click "Release FP".

16. You will see the company of the featured product that you just entered on the eLumit Manufacturer Home page and others as well if other companies have put in featured products. The column next to the manufacturer name is "Series". Enter a keyword or keywords that will return the product on the public site. Note: If you are using multiple words, use "+" (e.g. translite"+"sonoma) This will show up in the search as " "translite" "sonoma" " which is 2 words.

17. Once done, the supervisor will approve and release the featured products.

18a. If you want to preview how the featured product page will look, you can CHECK the "release" box next to the product you want to preview and then press the "release" button on the bottom. You will be sent back to the main page for the admin page. Click on "Release FP" again under "Featured Products" and click the "preview" button at the bottom.

18b. If you entered multiple featured products for multiple weeks and just want to feature certain ones for now, just CHECK the "release" box next to the product you want to feature this week. Once you have done that, you can click "release" on the bottom of the page. After that you will be brought back to the main page for the admin site.

19. Once you have finished and checked the "release" box, notify the supervisor and the supervisor will review (ask you to edit what needs to be corrected if needed) and release the featured product on the public page.

Selecting Manufacturers

Please refer to the shared FPCategory excel document.

Soliciting a Featured Product

Email specific contacts for each manufacturers, asking for products they'd like to feature.

Use the following sample text as a guide:

Sample 1

I'm writing to see if you would like to feature some products in our Featured Products section and newsletter.

Featured Products are a good way to put lighting products in front of specifiers on a regular basis. Featured Products are released every two weeks and are viewable here: http://www.elumit.com/featuredProducts.aspx. We also send out an accompanying email to our subscribed specifiers, currently over 4800 strong. Our analysis shows that a Featured Product will likely see increased download views, and specification interest during and for several weeks after release.

You still have several remaining for your term ending in December. So just shoot me the name of some products and I'll set up those Featured Products for you. If you'd like to use specific marketing text or images, just email them to me and I can set that up as well.

Sample 2 - An assertive approach

I've taken the liberty of setting up a Featured Product around your [product] series; you may preview it here: [URL]. Your eLumit subscription affords you 5 Featured Products and you still have all 5 remaining. If you'd like to select some products to feature, just email the name of the product and we'll set up the rest, using information and images from your website as we did for [product] above.

If you'd like us to handle it, we'll continue to select them for you to ensure you don't miss out on this opportunity. Our analysis shows that a product is likely to enjoy increased views, downloads and specification interest during and for several weeks after it has been published in Featured Products.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Choosing Products to Feature

Accounting for likely Thursday Holidays, we anticipate about 24 Featured Products a year. At 5 Featured Products a release, that's 120 Featured Products.

For manufacturers that allow us (actively or passively) to select products to feature, the selection process is remarkably easy. Just ensure their new products are entered and you will have an ample supply of Featured Products. It will be rare to have all new products exhausted and featured within a year. If that does happen, you are free to choose from their regular product line.

Choose popular products

Click on the "View Manufacturer Billing" link on the admin home page. Click on the name of the desired manufacturer (and not the edit link, which is different). Notice the "Top Spec Sheets" column to the right. This lists the most downloaded spec sheet for that manufacturer. These will be excellent candidates for Featured Products.

Choose what looks good and what makes sense

If for some reason the previous two options yield fewer results than desired, you may resort to trolling the manufacturer's website to look for products that they feature themselves or products that stand out as attractive. Having a good mix of products in each release is also good too. You should shy away from having multiple Featured Products released at the same time that all feature 6" downlights.

Avoid repeats

If possible, avoid repeating Featured Products of the same series. You may repeat one at the request of a manufacturer or if a sufficient amount of time has passed. Specifiers don't want to see the same thing again and again.

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