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eLumit is a free lighting search website and specification tool for design professionals, earning revenue from subscription fees from manufacturers. eLumit databases entire product lines from lighting manufacturers, extracting the information from their websites. The eLumit office is located in Manhattan, New York. As of October 1st 2009, eLumit offers 1853 series, 8157 spec sheets and 33630 product records for search and boasts 6,662 registered users. The top user groups are Lighting Designers (23%), Interior Designers (22%) and Architects (16%). The remaining users consist of students, engineers, sales reps, distributors, contractors and manufacturers.


Manufacturers are eLumit's clients. eLumit has Premier Member Manufacturers and Basic manufacturers. Premier Members subscribe to any number of eLumit services and pay subscription fees. Basic manufacturers are manufacturers that do not pay a subscription fee. These Basic manufacturers are on eLumit because our survey of HLB Lighting designers returned these manufacturers as desirable to have on eLumit.

The bulk of the data entry work is adding a manufacturer's product line into eLumit's database, through the Admin Site. Data entry is organized into Series, Spec Sheets and Products.

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